Offers 2 software versions that will support the current size of your answering service with built in growth scalability. Upgrade from TASterix 1.0 to 3.0 within minutes should your growth require it.

All hardware purchases are NOT proprietary and are "shelved" products that may be supported on a local basis. Backup and Hot-swappable servers can be provided for continued business continuity at affordable prices. No additional or unexpected costs for T1 cards, VOIP cards, Voice Resource cards, Racks or Rack Mounted Servers.

No other TAS vendor can provide such an aggressive cost cutting measure while simultaneously providing a strategic business model for your company's future.

Customizable Pricing
:: Software Only
:: Software & Hardware
:: Per Seat Pricing
:: Unlimited Seat Pricing
:: Multi-Location Pricing
:: TASterix 1.0
:: TASterix 3.0
:: Multi-Location Pricing
:: Customizable Tech Support
:: Customizable Upgrades

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